Why Us

Our business has developed a customer base of landmark locations in the corporate catering and café business market and we have excelled in these locations by focusing on our core strengths to ensure our proven success and an optimum delivery.

Our Passion

It’s real and it shines through in what we do! This is our point of difference and is why we lead. Our passion promotes innovation and creativity in all aspects of our business.

Our Innovation

Our ability to innovate across all sectors ensures our success in a highly competitive marketplace – we welcome change in all facets of our business.

Our Team

Our people are talented, experienced and professional with real creativity and flair. We are easy to talk to and fun to deal with on all levels.

Our Commitment

Winning is our stated objective. It is also our state of mind and defines our commitment to succeed.

Our Reputation

Our reputation defines Caterez. We have a great reputation for getting the job done and building on our solid reputation is an essential part of our own business strategy.


The Caterez concept includes site specific analysis of the demographics to ensure its own offering is a match both in terms of menu items, spending patterns and is also in line with the client’s own company policies, philosophy and outcomes.

Caterez provides real solutions. We have the experience, resources, capability and the creativity to offer professional outcomes.
We have a proven track record in delivering bespoke, innovative, creative and on-trend and cost-efficient menu items throughout our corporate cafes and catering operations.

We provide increases in employee retention on all sites by providing site specific menus at attractive price points.

Proven track record of compliance in both OH&S and Food Safety. Caterez is also audited on our compliance by all our current clients. Our last score of an audit which was conducted by Woolworths, was 99%.
Our business has always been based on quality not volume of clients and our future strategic plans include further innovation to ensure greater quality offerings to our corporate clients.